Getting Started

Use the products. Learn the system. Share the Story.

Congratulations on making this decision! We are proud of you for taking charge of your life and for partnering with us in the vision to free families to live the lives they truly desire. We believe in health, living well, and the co-creation of generational wealth. We accomplish this by building a team. We partner with families who have a vision/dream and who are ready to take action to make it a reality. Isagenix is our “vehicle” to get there.

Success will depend on you. You are the one with the power to achieve your physical and financial goals. And with the right mindset and focused consistency you will! We are here to guide you every step of the way. We are your coaches and partners…we are a family. Our job is to help you become successful and independent as quickly as possible.

Let’s get started….

Get Set Up for Success

  1. Become a Network Marketing Pro. Order and read the book Go Pro by Eric Worre. Order Now
  2. Lead with the Vision. Learn the importance of why we always lead with the vision and how to inspire people. How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek.
  3. Go to and click on training.
  4. Learn Your Back Office. Log into your Isagenix Back Office click on Help/Tutorials and review the videos. (20 minutes)

Use The Products

  1. Be a product of the product. Stay eligible for commissions with a 100BV monthly autoship (approx. $150).
    1. Enter the IsaBody Challenge and invite others to take the challenge with you. Have fun reaching your fitness goals. By transforming your body you will become your own “walking marketing” which will attract people to you and you will establish more credibility and more authority. #buildyourbodybuildyourbusiness

Learn the System

  1. Post to Facebook. Before your Isagenix products arrive, review the “How to Share on Facebook” document (below), and then following the instructions, post on Facebook tonight!
  2. Isagenix Share Sheet. Download and print off the Isagenix Share Sheet and watch the video
  3. Make a list. Write down the names of 10-25 people you want to partner with. What do you like/respect about them? Why do you want to partner with them? What discontentment or vision/dream have they shared in the past that this would be a solution for?
  4. Contact them. Contact them in a way that is comfortable and edify them. Tell them what it is that you like/respect about them. Share the vision and ask if they are open to the conversation. Be brief.

Real examples that work

Text: Thinking about your precious family… Still want to stay home with them? I just found out how you can. I need to chat with you. (wait for a response)

FB Messenger: Hi Kim! I saw that you liked my recent post and it piqued your interest? I was actually thinking about you. I have always admired your drive and how successful you are. I’d love share with you what I am doing. When is a good time to call you today? (let them respond)

Email: James – Hey there! I was thinking about your family…. I absolutely respect and admire how committed you guys are to health and fitness. I love seeing your family in the gym. Are you still looking for a way to financially support Kate in her golf career? I just found out how you can. Are you open to the conversation?

  1. Share the Story. Engage in a conversation. Be genuine. Share the vision and ask questions. Listen more than you talk.

You: (start the conversation and lead with the vision) “Our vision is to free families to live the lives they truly desire both physically and financially. To wake up every day with purpose and to live life by our own design. What does that look like for your family? If time and money were not an issue tell me how that would impact you? What would you be doing?”

Them: (responding)

Note: They will start sharing. If they provide short answers ask for more details. Encourage them to dream again and then be ok with the silence. They are thinking! J As they are talking actively and genuinely LISTEN to what they say. Once they share what the vision/dream is for their family say (genuinely),

You: “That is wonderful! And it is absolutely possible! It is possible by creating a team, a network of families who think like you do. How many people/families do you know who want that? People who want that type of freedom for their family too?” (Let them respond)

Them: (responding)

You: “That is exactly what we are doing though our partnership with an exciting company called Isagenix. If I send you a link to quick video on how this can work for your family, will you watch it? (let them respond)

Direct everyone with an interest in learning more to and then follow up as agreed using the 3-way call and the Isagenix Share Sheet. Use the Enrollment Form to set up their account.

It’s that simple! Be in activity. Share the story every day and ask yourself – How many times today has the Isagenix story been told? By me, by an associate on my team, by a 3rd party tool, or an event?

Success is yours!


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