What People Are Saying:

Hi Amyra!!
I want to thank you! I had hoped to learn something good and useful; and it turned out to be something unbelievably beautiful and special. The more I do this work, the more I love it, if that’s possible. Of all the tools that I’ve learned to help me overcome obstacles and manifest my desires, the tools that you gave me bring incredible tangible results, boost my self esteem and give me the hope and focus to manifest the life I want to live. every single day!
Kelly Campbell; Best Selling Author, Speaker, Master Coach

Amyra is an amazing mentor whose nurturing guidance and encouragement have proven to be invaluable. Her limitless energy, positivity, and motivating spirit are a beacon of light to those of us committed to freeing ourselves financially. Amyra truly puts forth all tools at our fingertips to make the “net” work!

Tasha Lumpkin

Amyra Mondon has been such a tremendous blessing to our family. My sister, Robbi and I began training under her guidance. Her incredible energy and bubbly personality made it easy and fun to be motivated in the gym. She has the knack to push us to be our best physically and mentally and the knowledge to teach us to be healthier overall. We’ve become stronger, healthier, and more fit thanks to her!

Ginger Howard; LPGA Golf Pro

Life changing has been my journey… Amyra introduced me to a nutritional system that has rejuvenated my body and soul. I am so very grateful to her guidance and incredible support with my health and business success. Amyra has inspired me to pursue the economy of the future – Network Marketing! Thank you Amyra you are a blessing in my life.

Johanna Neville; Accountant

After just 10 months, I have released 22 pounds and just become much leaner. I have more energy and generally feel healthier. My food choices for me and my family have also gotten healthier. I still have picky little eaters at home, but Amyra has also introduced me to many kid’s recipe ideas. My kids see mommy getting fitter and they notice. Their daddy has noticed also, and will be starting the program next month. Amyra is quite inspiring and has an amazing work ethic, but clearly staying fit for her family is her top priority.

Marni Mount; Certified Fitness Instructor

After being approached by multiple reps by multiple companies I was sticking to one of my core beliefs that MLM opportunities however perfect for some, was not a good fit for me, my business, or anyone I knew. Once I met Amyra not only has this perception changed but I have been impressed with how Amyra has changed my entire mind on a program like Isagenix. I have seen the results it has had with transforming people’s lives and I’m looking forward to seeing more of our members of our business get to where they want to go with Amyra leading by example.

Jim & Andrea Henley; Owners Anytime Fitness

A fit person stuck in a fat body. Running, and Running, up to 5 miles a day. At age 52,  5’1″ and 160 lbs. and a past fitness instructor, I was stuck and could not find my way back to “fitville.” I was ready to give up. I contacted Amyra and she was amazing. I have released 17lbs and 23.5 inches. When I started this journey it was just about me and losing weight, but thanks to Amyra I have learned that this is bigger than just me. I am now helping others to take back their lives and building a great business.

Tammie Pickard; Realtor

I would love to give a shout out and thank you to Amyra Mondon who introduced me to my new lifestyle. Not only does Amyra have her own personal success story, but she also has strong leadership and managerial skills. She has a wonderful way about her that makes using the system and sharing seem simple and easy to do. Her personal integrity and compassion for people make her a pleasure to be with. My friends and I are so grateful to be a part of her group and feel that a lot of our personal motivation and momentum comes from her. We cannot wait to see what our group looks like in 5 years!

Cheers to our future!

Beth Golden; Owner Zumba Sarasota